A place to fit in, so you can learn to stand out

We know the world is full of challenges. Camp Sequoia Lake will help your child develop the skills necessary to face those challenges head-on. Whether it is the importance of teamwork, honesty, communication, or setting achievable goals, Camp Sequoia Lake will invest the very best skills into your child's heart and mind.

Camp Sequoia Lake has helped shape many young people into successful adults, all of whom understand Camp's importance in their formative years. While we are not focused on teaching your child to kick a soccer ball further or swim faster, Camp Sequoia will help to teach your child about being a healthy, well-rounded individual who lives their life with compassion, respect, and a love for the outdoors. We focus on team skills and interpersonal communication. Our caring and enthusiastic counselors manage a wide range of creative programs for campers from the 3rd-12th Grade. Our activities and offerings are fun, challenging, and accepting of everyone's abilities. Our staff takes great pride in providing a loving, safe, and welcoming environment for all our campers.

Many of the summer camp programs you will find have an average staff age of 15 or 16; In contrast, our staff has an average age of 21. Having an older team ensures that a responsible adult constantly supervises your children. Each staff member undergoes a department of Justice background check and is fingerprinted. The vast majority of our staff are former campers themselves. Why do people keep returning to volunteer? Our staff returns because Camp Sequoia Lake has had a profound impact on their lives, and they want to give back.