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Our Programs


3rd - 5th Grade

Ugga Buggas, also known as our youngest campers (entering 3rd, 4th, 5th grades) are just so darn cute. If you say “Ugga Bugga,” in your most sugary-sweet-pinch-that-little-cheek voice, you’ll begin to understand the name. Ugga Buggas is a camp designed to introduce our youngest campers to the outdoors, teamwork, and camp fun! Our counselors understand the specific needs of our buggas, and ensure each child has a safe, fantastic experience that will have your buggas asking when they can come back to camp!


6th - 7th Grade

Youth camp is for our campers entering grades 6 and 7. Our goal for these years is to help your child continue to develop a love for the outdoors and camp while strengthening interpersonal relationships, and discovering new areas of interest and success. Whether it be waterfront, lip sync, crafts or ga-ga ball, your youth camper is sure to find an activity at camp they love and will look forward to for years to come. Campers will continue with leadership programs designed to help young children develop goals and recognize areas to grow in their daily lives. Overall, youth camp is a time for campers to embrace the camp culture and learn who they are as a young person.


8th - 9th Grade

The program is designed to build skills in cooperation, problem solving, leadership, and teamwork. Within one week, Intermediate campers will get a thrill of personal accomplishment through various activities such as high ropes, adventure courses, canoeing, archery, and rock climbing. Positive peer group interaction and friend making will support participation in camp activities, skill building, independent learning, and creativity. Relationships among campers are another important memorable element of any resident camp experience.


10th - 11th Grade

Our Leaders in Training (L.I.T.) program is a great option for campers wishing to unleash their full potential. Our campers will have an opportunity to develop their talents at Camp Sequoia Lake. This Camp program focuses on interpersonal communication, teamwork, and small group leadership skills.


12th Grade

Counselors in training is an opportunity for our oldest campers to learn the basics of leadership in an intensive 1-week experience. C.I.T.’s split their time between small group learning sessions and practical application by spending time with cabin groups. Each day C.I.T.’s are busy from sunrise up to sunset honing their skills and having fun experience with new friends.

CIT's must fill out both a camper enrollment and a C.I.T. Application 

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